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ivanrkitic: you could make an edit of Blind, same of these of Holger?

already got a request for this, gonna do it on saturday probably.

i don’t take requests for now i’m full, sorry!!!

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what holger badstuber really thinks..[asked by oursuperbayern]

nationalmannschaft-dfb: what toni kroos really think pls omg omg :(((

already did it :)

i’m not taking more requests for now, i’m pretty full, sorry!

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arjenrobbens: what Arjen Robben really thinks.?? *--*

already got a request for this, gonna do it tomorrow :)

i don’t want to jinks us but the hammas only fired today 50 missiles!

some nice pictures from the situation in israel:

1. soldiers near the border with gaza, decided to put on the tank all the letters they got from little kids.

2. an israeli soldier makes a new special costum from all of the candies the people in israel are sending to the soldiers.

3. an israeli soldier wrote today: “we met this little palestinian boy today, in one of the villages, we gave him a cold cup of coke to drink, he run trough us again, to give us a hug and shake our hands before he’s leaving.”

4. an injured israeli army elite dog, get carry by all of his mates, to get medical help.

5. a soldier sleeping with his partner.

Best of the World Cup: Antoine Griezmann.

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The Truth - Israel has given up land for Peace.

mega-death-gore-police: Hey dear, how are you today? (:

hello! i’m pretty fine, so far we only had 1 alarm in my city, and the missiles amount to the southern area went down for a bit (who know maybe even less then 100 missiles)

and the most important thing is no israeli soldier died :)

(or army dogs!!! really important as well)